Gin it Yourself at Little Blackwood

Ever wanted to be a bartender? Well, here’s your chance. ‘Gin It Yourself’ or G.I.Y., as we like to call it, is a concept that gives you the freedom to create your own delicious drink while choosing from an array of different gins, glassware, tonics, botanicals & fruits.

G.I.Y. process is simple:

1) Choose your Gin
2) Pick your glass
3) Decide on your Tonic
4) Get creative with your twist

Don’t worry, we will do all the mixing so you don’t have to, and voila, your perfect drink is ready for you to enjoy.

Remember, don’t think too hard, just go and ‘Gin It Yourself’.

#Ginityourself #meetmehere

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Espresso Martini Madness October

Love espresso martinis? How about with a twist?

Then you’ll love October at Little Blackwood! $18 espresso martinis all day, everyday throughout October at Little Blackwood! Fancy a bit of our bartender crafted ‘Salty Nuts’, ‘Tiramisu’, ‘Proper Mint That…’ or ‘Gingerbread Man’ then come our way!

Espresso martini madness at Little Blackwood – October 2019

All that’s left for you to do is #meetmehere and enjoy these delicious creations!

Little Blackwood.

Gingerbread Man
Proper Mint That…
Salty Nuts
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Jameson Nation

The team down at Little Blackwood have been taken over by ‘Jameson Fever’ this month.
The official title of the month: Jameson Nation.  Simply put, it’s an entire month where we get the excuse to try new things with our favourite Irish whiskey & also play around with the Jameson classics. Not that we need much of an excuse… but we’ll take any that involves playing around with the more complex members of the Jameson family.

Take Jameson Black Barrel for example.  It’s like a grown up sophisticated version of the original we all know & love.  Now, match that up with a tantalising fresh grapefruit juice & a refreshing ginger beer and you’re sure to experience a perfect balance of spice and the smoothness of vanilla, which is affectionately called ‘The Irish Wolfhound’.

Jameson has been a long time favourite down at Little Blackwood. We’re always impressed by their ability to deliver a long line of beautiful whiskeys that we get to taste & mix.  Jameson Nation isn’t only about the whiskeys themselves it’s also about celebrating the passion, knowledge & creativity in the bar industry as a whole.

What we put into every drink poured, every classic re-created, every customer served… We here, at Little Blackwood, pride ourselves on just that & were ecstatic that on our 1st ever Jameson Nation last year we were picked as a finalist.  This year we’re planning to go that step further and not only be a finalist, but the winner.

Jameson Nation Finalist 2016


One of the many things we hear on the other side of the bar is ‘Oh I’m not a fan of whiskey’… and that’s totally a fair comment.  You may have tried dozens of whiskeys and you may just prefer a nice Gin & Tonic or a delightfully hoppy beer from one of New Zealand’s vast craft breweries. However, we implore you, before you exclaim the same sentence again… try our ‘Bartenders Favourite’ – Jameson, Dry + Lime. This simple yet delicious tipple is many a bartenders favourite for a reason & we’re pretty confident we can make a whiskey drinker out of you yet.

If you’re more of a sink or swim type of drinker why not chuck yourself straight in the deep end with a ‘pickleback’ shot…A shot of Jameson followed by a shot of pickle juice, your hesitation was the same as ours, however all we can say is – Don’t knock it ‘till you try it!

We hope to see you here at Little Blackwood soon to try one of our many creations with the worlds most popular Irish Whiskey.


All the love,
The Little Blackwood Team.

(Copy Credit: Harry Paul)

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MEET ME HERE: An Introduction to Little Blackwood

mountain range meet me here

It’s official: Little Blackwood is joining the conversation about all things Queenstown, cocktails, good times… and so much more.  Follow us as we give you an insider’s look at all that we’ve got on offer, and introduce you to the important people who make it happen.

Wine glass white wine Queenstown

But, to kick it all off, we thought we’d give you a wee background story and tell you what we’re all about…

Little Blackwood, opened the doors in July 2015 at the water’s edge of Queenstown’s historic Steamer Wharf.  The space, previously known as The Boiler Room, underwent a complete brand overhaul and emerged as a fresh but classic bar and eatery with a modern twist… and the most Remarkable views in town.

It didn’t take long for the locals to take notice, enjoying our creative cocktail list, seasonal menu of local wines, and selection of craft beers on our waterside deck.  Our artisan cheese & meat platters quickly made a name for themselves and onto everyone’s “Queenstown Must-Do” lists, then the word got around town that our Espresso Martini was to die for… and the rest is history.

Espresso Martini Queenstown Little Blackwood

Have you tried Little Blackwood’s famous Espresso Martini yet?

Fast forward to 2017 and the number of accolades is continually growing; from Espresso Martini recognition on, to two Finalist positions as “Best New/Redeveloped Bar” and “Best Bar” at Hospitality New Zealand’s Awards for Excellence, and even a spot on the list of the World’s Best Bars.

Needless to say, we’re very proud of what Little Blackwood has become in such a short amount of time.  Our quest to create Queenstown’s Best Bar will never end-  we just hope you can join us along the way.

Great Platters to share with friends at Little Blackwood Queenstown

Little Blackwood’s famous Cheese and Meat platter is worth a trip to New Zealand, alone.


Little Blackwood is a part of the Future Bars Ltd. family, a vibrant hospitality company that boasts a dynamic portfolio of 3x bars in Queenstown, plus another bar / restaurant on Ponsonby Road, Auckland.  If you like what we’re doing here, be sure to check out Minus 5º ICE BAR, Rhino’s Ski Shack, and MR TOMS Ponsonby.


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