On This Autumn: Cardrona Classics

This Autumn, we’ve partnered with Cardrona Distillery to showcase their award-winning spirits range at Little Blackwood. Our team has crafted one-of-a-kind ‘Cardrona Classics’ cocktails for you to enjoy. 

Pull up a seat, listen to our nightly live music, and enjoy one of our premium Cardrona Classics.

Our Cardrona Classics range

Cardrona Distillery is nestled in the beautiful Cardrona Valley, in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Since 2011, Cardrona Distillery has been creating the finest spirits with pure alpine water sourced from the heart of Mount Cardrona. They have carefully chosen locally foraged seasonal ingredients to produce an unparalleled signature taste. Pictured below are ‘The Reid’ Single Malt Vodka and Rose Rabbit Orange Liqueur, which are used in some of our Cardrona Classics.

From $23

Martini – ‘The Reid’ Single Malt vodka, Martini Extra Dry vermouth, lemon peel garnish

Old Fashioned – ‘The Source’ Cardrona pinot noir gin, Angostura bitters, pinot noir syrup, sugar, flamed orange peel garnish

Mojito – Rose Rabbit orange liqueur, Havana rum, sugar syrup, mint, lime, orange slice & mint garnish

Negroni – ‘The Source’ Cardrona pure gin, Rose Rabbit orange liqueur, Martini Rosso, flamed orange peel garnish

As the summer season is coming to a close, the seasonal crowd is filtering out. It’s the perfect time to host post-work drinks to get the team fired up or a cocktail party for friends who are sticking around. We hope to see you soon! #meetmehere

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